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Warning signs that your pet may need medical attention

Anything out of the ordinary could be a sign that your pet is sick.  Early treatment may reduce the seriousness of the disease or problem and could hasten recovery.  Should your pet present any of the following symptoms or abnormalities, please contact our office.
Bleeding: Blood in your pet's stool, urine or bleeding from any part of the body.
Convulsions: Your pet is violently shaking its head and/or legs with a dazed appearance.
Lethargy: Lack of normal energy or playfulness from your pet.

Change in Eating Habits: Your pet is refusing food or not as interested as normal.
Weight Loss/Gain: Dramatic changes in weight.
Changes in Thirst/Urination: Unquenchable thirst, increases in volume or frequency of urination, straining or inability to urinate, urinating in the house, change in urination habits.
Vomiting and/or Diarrhea: Multiple episodes of vomiting or diarrhea in a short period of time, or continued episodes over a long period of.
Coughing: Any coughing other than occasional single episodes, nasal discharge or dry, scaly nose.
Pain: Limping or favoring a leg, exhibiting pain when touched/lifted or crying out.
Eye Abnormalities: Redness, discharge, squinting, film over eye, or difficulty seeing.
Lumps or Bumps: Particularly those that are growing rapidly or bleeding.
Scratching: Frequently scratching or biting any part of the body, pawing at the face or ear(s), shaking or tilting head, rubbing on furniture or scooting rearend.

These are all signs that you may need to seek medical attention for your pet.
Our staff is always available to answer questions about your pet's care and our fees. Please never hesitate to call us at 541-343-8794.  We look forward to meeting you soon and providing services for you and your pet.

Dr. Michele and Staff